Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Quick Thoughts on Avatar

After years away from narrative filmmaking, James Cameron has finally returned with Avatar, a sci-fi adventure film on a grand scale. This film has undergone a lengthy development and an enormous amount of hype leading up to its release. Many have been doubtful that Cameron could deliver on his promise of a “game-changing” film in terms of technology. Well, any doubts on a technological level should be laid to rest. Avatar delivers in a way only a Cameron film can.

The Good:
A visual marvel to behold, the film entrances its audience; making them believe completely in an alien world. The 3-D effects impressively added a layer of depth to the picture. As opposed to gimmicky 3-D of the past, this technology, at least as utilized by Cameron, goes for subtle touches which help immerse audiences into the film. Real actors seamlessly interact with CG creations. Thanks to the new technology developed especially for the film, the CG characters become more legitimate as dramatic leads.

The Bad:
While the tech side of the film might be unequaled, the overall story and dialog can leave something to be desired.

Bottom line:
Everyone should check this out in theaters. You simply cannot get the same experience at home.

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