Monday, December 7, 2009

New Film from P.T. Anderson Takes Shape

In my opinion, Paul Thomas Anderson represents one of the best directors working today, so any new project from him catches my attention. It looks like his latest film, currently untitled, is in development right now and the big news is that long-time collaborator Philip Seymour Hoffman will be on board to star. Set in the 1950's, the film focuses on a charismatic and intelligent man (Hoffman) who creates a popular faith-based organisation in America. The crux of the story will examine the relationship between Hoffman’s character and a 20-something drifter, who finds himself questioning the belief system.
I've enjoyed each one of Anderson's films thus far, so hopefully this will be no different. From the brief plot description above, it seems that Anderson will return to some of the themes he touched upon in his last effort, There Will Be Blood. There's definitely a great wealth of material for him to mine within those themes; and with Hoffman starring, this project should be one worth the wait.

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