Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rewatching a Classic: F for Fake

Out of the stack of DVDs I received at Christmas, I decided to rewatch Orson Welles' last completed film, F for Fake. Though often described as a documentary for lack of a better word, the film really acts as a cinematic essay. Although ostensibly about the nature of fakery and deception, F for Fake covers much more ground - from the nature of art to life in general. It's a fascinating watch that fittingly sums up many elements of Welles' career. Edited in a fast-paced style - years ahead of its time - the film is jam-packed with content, essentially requiring more than one viewing. Fortunately, this is a film that I will enjoy coming back to many more times, drawing new details and impressions. When people talk about Orson Welles, so many times the conversation ends with Citizen Kane, but the man had a rich career worth looking into.
I could write much more on this film (and maybe I will at some point), but for now I'll just say that F for Fake is well worth people's time.

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