Friday, January 22, 2010

New (Family-Friendly!?) Project for Scorsese

Martin Scorsese, now 67, is staying as busy as ever with many projects in development. Today, we receive word that his next film will be an adaptation of the children's book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret. This news may sound surprising, although apparently Scorsese acquired the rights to the book some time ago. The story takes place in France during the 1930's, centering on a boy who lives at a train station. When he stumbles upon a defunct robot, the boy attempts tirelessly to repair it. The book has become quite the hot property since it's 2007 release, winning a Randolph Caldecott Medal as well as being sought after by many for a film adaptation. With Scorsese winning out on the directing honors, many people may question why he's chosen such a project. For me, the news comes not as an unlikely choice in material so much as another entry into an already varied career.

One of the most admirable aspects of Scorsese's filmography is it's diversity. I'm sure that when most people think of his films, they center on the gangster stories, but there are plenty of other projects. From the period piece The Age of Innocence to the slice-of-life drama about a struggling single-mother Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, along with his many documentaries, Scorsese has covered many genres. With that in mind, this still counts as fresh ground for the auteur director. I can only imagine what a child-centered, sci-fi/fantasy from Scorsese will look like. Certainly, any new project that the man tackles will catch my attention and I'll anticipate it thoroughly. The Invention of Hugo Cabret begins filming in June, so hopefully some casting choices will appear soon.

Meanwhile, Scorsese's latest film Shutter Island will open next month, which will offer us his first narrative feature since The Departed. It's probably my first big anticipated film of the year, so look for more posts on that as the release date approaches.

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