Monday, January 25, 2010

Fox Looks to Carve Things Up with Machete

Back in 2007, the Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez directed flick Grindhouse contained a series of fake trailers in an effort to enhance the "grindhouse" experience. Many viewers thought of these trailers as one of the highlights of the film, which led to a plethora of copycat trailers online. Now, one of those fake trailers, Machete, has taken on a life of its own and become a very real film. Independently financed, Machete recently sparked a bidding war between six studios for domestic distribution. Fox ultimately won out, guaranteeing the film a wide release and Rodriguez a production deal.

If you've seen the trailer from Grindhouse, then you basically know the story. A Mexican ex-Federale known as Machate is hired to take out a senator, only to discover he's been set up by his employers when he's shot and nearly killed. Vowing vengeance, Machete begins a reign of terror that won't soon be forgotten. This tale of revenge features a tagline that pretty much sums things up: They just f***ed with the wrong Mexican!

Without seeing any footage yet, I can safely say that Machete promises to be one of the most unique movie-going experiences this year. I count myself a fan of Rodriguez' silly, ultra-violent films. Although they may lack the substance his pal Tarantino provides, Rodriguez' projects promise a fun time, provided you're in the right frame of mind. Machete's eclectic cast alone makes this one worth the wait. With the likes of Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriguez, Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Alba, Cheech Marin, Steven Seagal, Rose McGowan, and Danny Trejo (always awesome) as the titular Machete, I can't help but wonder what drew them in to such a crazy project. I'm sure we'll find out more as the release date draws closer.

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