Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Couple Awards Show Highlights

Since we're deep into awards season now, I thought I'd share a couple of cool moments from some of the ceremonies.

First, here's a unique clip courtesy of director Wes Anderson as he accepts his award for “Special Achievement in Film Making” from the National Board of Review. As opposed to accepting the award in the usual fashion, Anderson had a special stop-motion video made in the style of his film, Fantastic Mr. Fox. The video highlights the same sly charm that the film contains, while also providing a welcome change of pace. Anderson continues to be a class-act.

Watch the video here:

Secondly, from the Golden Globes this past weekend, Martin Scorsese received a Cecil B. DeMille Award for his accomplished career as a director and film preservationist. It's always great to see Scorsese receive some recognition for his work and he certainly deserves it. Before the acceptance speech, a montage of his work played to the crowd. It's a nicely put together piece, featuring clips from almost everything he's done.

Watch the video here:

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