Saturday, September 26, 2009

Top 5 Samuel L. Jackson Yelling Scenes

I loves me some good Samuel L. Jackson yelling. Who doesn’t? The man has an intensity and aggression that few others possess. Over the course of his career, Mr. Jackson has had plenty of opportunities to showcase his yelling abilities, with the results ranging from fierceness to hilarity. Here are my picks of his very best shout-it-out moments (in no particular order).

Deep Blue Sea
(Spoilers if you haven’t seen this film)
In a film about a group of scientific researchers who are terrorized by genetically-enhanced sharks, you would probably expect for there to be a scene in which the researchers are banded together by an inspirational speech, right? And who better to give a motivational, fiery speech than Sam Jackson? Well, this film features just such a scene, only there’s one tiny twist. Right in the middle of his big speech, a shark pops up out of the water and eats Jackson, leaving the other members of the group in complete shock. I love this scene because it goes so against expectations. It’s campy and fun in the best possible way.

A Time to Kill
In this film Samuel Jackson plays a man whose daughter is brutally beaten and raped. He takes revenge on the two men responsible, killing them in cold blood. At his trial, Jackson takes the stand and is asked whether the two men he killed deserved to die. This question sets up one of Jackson’s most famous lines, “Yes they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in hell.” It’s a line delivered with all the rage and anger you want to see from Jackson. Without a doubt, it’s one of his finest moments.

Pulp Fiction
This is probably the first film that most people think of when they think of Samuel Jackson – and with good reason. In it, he delivers what is his most iconic role to date. Jackson plays Jules Winfield, a hitman who comes to contemplate in new life. Jules does quite a bit of yelling through the course of the film, but, of course, the scene that I’ll highlight is the interrogation scene. In this scene, Jules and his partner Vincent arrive at the apartment of some small-time punks with the objective of shaking them down and retrieving some stolen property. The scene builds to a climax when Jules quotes his Ezekiel speech and then promptly wastes the unfortunate small-timers. Anyone who’s a fan of cinema has seen this already, so I won’t bother to say anymore about it – only that it’s a truly classic moment from a classic film.

Snakes on a Plane
What can I really say about this? It’s Snakes on a Plane. Sam Jackson gets tired of all the poisonous snakes that are on his plane. Wouldn’t we all?

The Negotiator
It’s been awhile since I’ve watched this one, but it definitely makes for a solid suspense film. Jackson plays a hostage negotiator who gets accused of murder and corruption. The only way for him to prove his innocence is to take hostages himself as he attempts to crack the conspiracy against him. At one point, surrounded by police, Jackson exclaims, “You want my blood?! Take my blood!” It’s really kind of a ridiculous line, but Jackson sells it well. That’s really one of his chief strengths: the ability to take ridiculous dialog and sell it to audiences.

Well, those are my picks, although there are many other possibilities. What are your favorite Samuel L. Jackson yelling moments?

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