Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Viewing Notes: 20000 Leagues Under the Sea

Rather than writing a full-blown review, I've decided to simply share some notes I made regarding my viewing of 20000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954).

Although Kirk Douglas isn't known for his singing or dancing abilities, here he puts on quite a performance in the film's one and only musical number.

The film features some great effects work. The giant squid fight holds up surprisingly well, I thought.

Despite being a big-budget spectacle, the film actually contains a message. I wish I could say the same for some of today's blockbusters.

The underwater photography looked great and seemed innovative for the time.

Paul Lukas, playing essentially the main character since it's his narration we follow, gets overshadowed by Douglas and James Mason. Mason's Captain Nemo is more intricate and Douglas' Ned Land handles the more comic and adventurous aspects of the film.

Director Richard Fleischer makes good use of the widescreen aspect ratio, a relatively new process at the time.

The film captures a sense of adventure and wonder that fit just right for the material.

Although live-action, the film manages to incorporate a couple moments of animation, both of which added a nice touch to the scenes involved.

Like most Disney films, there has to be to some kind of animal prominently featured. This time it's a seal; used for comic relief.

Overall, I'd say it's a fun adventure flick that holds up pretty well. It's something that families can enjoy together.

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