Saturday, April 10, 2010

Recent Viewings: April '10

Uncle Buck
John Candy had one of those personalities that instantly wins me over, and this film exemplifies that extremely well. Although the film itself isn't anything great, it contains quite a few moments of pure charm (Giant pancakes, anyone?).

The Informant!
Matt Damon gives a great performance in this satire on Corporate America. His voice-over alone delivers some great laughs. The supporting cast also shines. I'm sure repeat viewings would only enhance the experience.

Man Hunt
This WWII film made during the war itself delivers some great thrills with an intriguing story to boot. Director Fritz Lang provides the film with a great visual style.

White Hunter, Black Heart
This Clint Eastwood film features the actor-director in some different territory has he portrays an ego-maniacal filmmaker who obsesses over a hunting conquest instead of his next film. It's an intriguing character study and covers some worthwhile themes.

Fantastic Voyage
Richard Fleischer directed this effects-driven film about a team of scientist who are shrunk down and injected into the body of a colleague in order to repair a life-threatening blood clot. It's still a fun ride, but pretty formulaic.

The Man from Laramie
The fifth and final collaboration between director Anthony Mann and star James Stewart results in another solid western. As usual, the story is heavy with themes of revenge and justice. Stewart again proves his range as he plays a fairly menacing guy at times.

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