Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Sampling of Morricone

It's no secret that Ennio Morricone is one of my favorite composers of all-time. With iconic scores such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West, how could he not be one of the greats? His body of work has spanned many decades now and the man still works steadily. As a result, there's a wealth of material to discover. On occasion, I'll do just that - discover some previously unknown piece from Morricone's past. Of course YouTube helps quite a bit with these endeavors as there are hundreds of videos dedicated to Morricone's music. For those not as familiar with his work, I've put together a sampling of tracks below. Feel free to explore other titles that you find since the ones I've listed only cover the tip of the iceberg!

Mystic and Severe –
The Big Gundown –
Rabbia E Tarantella –
Un Amico –
The Surrender (La Resa) –
L'incontro con la figlia –
The Verdict –
Battle of Algiers –
Il Mercenario Represa –
Giu’ la Testa –
My Name Is Nobody –
The Trio –
A Fistful of Dollars –
Valmont’s GoGo Pad –
Navajo Joe –
Once Upon a Time in the West -
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -

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