Thursday, February 4, 2010

Most Films Seen by a Director

I've had movie lists on my mind lately while I compile my Best of the Decade list, so I thought I would share a different list while that one remains in development. I have an on-going tally of directors whose films I've seen the highest number of (which shows you how obsessive I am) and the current results look something like this:

Top 10
Alfred Hitchcock - 24
Steven Spielberg – 20
Woody Allen – 20
Martin Scorsese – 15
Tim Burton – 13
Howard Hawks – 13
Sidney Lumet – 13
Clint Eastwood – 13
Coen Brothers – 12
Sam Peckinpah – 12

I think this shows a pretty good variety of filmmakers covering different eras and styles. I'm not sure how much you can tell about a person's taste in films from a list like this, since most people will probably come up with the most popular directors who are firmly established. Still, it's an interesting way to look at your viewing habits and preferences. Try it out yourself and see who comes out on top!


  1. Obviously, if Tarantino had 30 + films you would have seen all of them. He doesn't get a fair shot because he hasn't made as much as the others.

  2. That's true. I'm not sure what the most fair way to do this would be. A percentage-based system would allow some other names to be recognized. Of course, then if a director has only made two films and you've seen them both, then they would go to the top of the list, which wouldn't be fair either. Hmm...why can't there be some mathmatical formula to follow on things like this?