Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Ode to Emmerich

I'm by no means a poet. In fact, it's a subject I know nothing about. But, I was suddenly struck with the idea to try my hand at it anyway. So, in honor of this week's big release of 2012, I decided to write a poem on its director, Roland Emmerich. He's the modern-day Irwin Allen, the king of disaster films, and the poem reflects this lofty position.

An Ode to Emmerich:

O Mr. Emmerich
How I love to see
Gigantic disasters
On my TV

Those buildings you crumble
With explosions to spare
You destroy existence
Without a care

That gleeful abandon
Which you spread about
Causes everyone
To scream and shout

You’re truly the master
Of all you survey
In your cinema playground
You alone hold sway

So, should people complain
About all the clatter
You can just say the word
And they’ll be part of the splatter

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