Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eastwood Sets Up Hoover Project

Clint Eastwood continues to stay a busy man; setting up film after film. Seriously, I'm not sure how he does it. The 79 year-old director already has Hereafter to be released later this year and now there's word on his next potential film. It's been reported that Eastwood now wants to helm a bio-pic of FBI founder J. Edgar Hoover. A script has already been written by Milk screenwriter Lance Black and producer Brian Grazer is reportedly on board as well. The film would likely follow Hoover's life as he set up the bureau through his death in 1972.

Bio-pics usually don't do too much for me, honestly. By-and-large they simply follow a straightforward pattern in an attempt to "sum up" a person's life. This project sounds somewhat interesting, though, since Hoover seems like an interesting topic. Right now, the project is still without a studio, although Warner Bros. will probably get first crack at it since Eastwood works there nearly every time out.

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