Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Forbidden Few

While I pride myself on exploring many different types of films, even I have my limits on what I'll spend my time watching. I looked through a list of films for the first half of the year and picked out the titles that I can comfortably say I'll never watch unless strapped down A Clockwork Orange-style and forced to view them.

Here's the list:
The Back-up Plan
Furry Vengeance
The Last Song
Why Did I Get Married Too?
Remember Me
The Bounty Hunter
Dear John
Leap Year
The Spy Next Door
Tooth Fairy
When in Rome

I think the key element these films share is laziness. In one way or another these films represent (to me, anyway) the most lazy, pandering, lowest common denominator projects being produced these days. I'm aware that films are both products and art, but when movies such as these come along, the scale tips so far on the side of product that I lose all interest.

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